We'll do something one day.


Our Journey:

13:49 <phelps> "still looking for a designer" James, 2018
13:50 <phelps> "found a designer, but he got hit by a buss", James, 2023
13:50 <phelps> i think you should just go full boar with World Domination

5/10/15 (celebrated a day early on accident)
19:25 <newton> zaphyous is 7 today
19:26 <phelps> thats a lot of dedication to nothing
19:26 <phelps> like a pet rock
19:26 <newton> yeah
19:26 <phelps> zaphyous is your pet rock
19:26 <newton> pet rock I hope goes to college one day
19:26 <phelps> lol